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Discover how easy it is to create multi-user, cross-platform custom solutions with FileMaker Pro, the relational database platform published by Apple subsidiary Claris International, Inc. Meticulously rewritten with clearer lessons, more real-world examples and updated to include feature changes introduced in recent versions, this book makes it easier to get started planning, building and deploying a custom database solution. The material is presented in an easy to follow manner with each chapter building on the last. After an initial review of the user environment and application basics, it begins a deep exploration of the integrated development environment that seamlessly combines the full stack of data table schema, business logic and interface layers into one visual programming experience. This book includes everything needed to get started building custom databases and contains advanced material that seasoned professionals will appreciate. Written by a professional developer with decades of real-world experience, Learn FileMaker Pro 19 is your comprehensive learning and reference guide. Join millions of users and developers worldwide in achieving a new level of workflow efficiency with FileMaker Pro. What You’ll Learn Discover interface and feature changes in FileMaker 17-19 Create and maintain healthy files Plan and create custom tables, fields, relationships Write calculations using built-in and custom functions Build recursive and repeating formulas Discover advanced features using cURL, JSON, SQL, ODBC and FM URL Manipulate data files in the computer directory with scripts Deploy solutions to a server and share with desktop, iOS and web clients Who This Book Is For Casual programmers, full time consultants, and IT professionals


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